Social Media Use is Becoming More Prevalent on Mobile Phones

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A couple of reports appeared recently that seem to show that more of us are using social media websites via our mobile phones as opposed to our computers.  Certainly, many apps allow us to use social networking sites more easily on our phones, without actually using a browser to do so.  This has led to more people buying phones that are capable of using these apps.

According to a recent Nielsen Poll in the US, one fifth of the people using the internet in that particular country are doing so because they are on various social networking websites.  It would seem as if more of them are going on their mobiles to do it as well, rather than using a computer.  It is definitely easier to interact with people via mobile because it is so easy to go online and use whatever app is relevant to the site you want to access.  Why go to all the trouble of turning on your computer and waiting for it to load to do exactly the same thing?

Perhaps this is why British research has speculated on the idea of more people buying specific mobile phones that allow them to use their social media sites more often and more easily.  With Facebook and Twitter leading the way in the popularity of these sites, it makes sense that we would all want to use them without any problems.

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