Spark Commerce bridges online, offline marketing

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Using a card-linked analytics and mobile redemption system, Spark Commerce has enhanced the return on investment and marketing reach of many marketing firms as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Spark Commerce was founded by Janssen Choong and Andrew Moss, entrepreneurs who aided the launch of Customink, HotWire and BuyWithMe (bought by Gilt Groupe).  The firm is backed by a consortium of private investors with pertinent expertise on payments, social and mobile commerce, and direct marketing.

Notably, the company is banking on proprietary software and data derived from the founders’ previous ventures to develop some of the platform’s important components while adding new social and mobile capabilities.

During a pilot program, Spark and niche marketing firms such as Gluten-Free Saver demonstrated that the platform can really boost sales. Specifically, the platform was used by Boston-based Stone Hearth Pizza to attract clients who were looking for a gluten-free menu. The customers were people who cannot eat food with gluten, a protein found in wheat. In particular, they are clients who have problems with celiac disease, wheat allergies and dermatitis herpetiformis.

Interestingly, the platform used social media and the promotion spread by word of mouth from online to offline. As a result, sales of the gluten-free items spiked. Andrew Moss, CEO of Spark Commerce, added that it was very rewarding to see that the tailor-made promo brought in customers who are in need of gluten-free food.

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