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speakingfaces.pngFirst impressions are considered the most important.  How you look when you arrive for your blind date, at a job interview, at your new in-law’s house, etc. can effect how you’re perceived for a long time.  Most of us, though, go through things really not thinking much of the impression we’re leaving on other people.

SpeakingFaces.com is a new app that lets you quantify your first impression on others.  It works sort of like CanDoBetter or HotOrNot, but without the ultra-competitive streak.

The idea is to get impressions, rather than rankings.  So those who are “voting” on your picture aren’t giving a 1-10 or up or down, they’re picking a word that describes how they perceive you to be because of the photo.

Responses are words and each one is counted so that you see a rating, top to bottom, of the words people associate with your photo the most.  The words are things like: cute, friendly, funny, sexy, arrogant, self-confident, not very smart, honest, sensitive, interesting, and so forth.

When viewing your photo, people choose one of these and it is added to your rank.  What you see is a quantified list of those impressions.  You might have 21% “cute,” “20% “friendly,” 9% “funny,” and so forth.  A couple of hundred impressions can probably give you a pretty good idea of how the look you used in the photo works on others.

The site is free to use and requires no login if you just want to browse and give impressions on photos.

Speaking Faces was made by aston7, a Polish design and development company.

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