Spend time wisely with new iPhone app Chronos

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Have you ever wondered how much time you spend with someone or on each task you have to juggle in a day? It’s quite difficult to manually track every minute spent on every day’s activities such as office work, exercising at the gym, meeting someone in a restaurant, or just staying home.

But now you can keep track of all of these activities easily, as a new iPhone application called Chronos will help you time-track your daily activities. Chronos is the latest time-tracking application that is not only useful for work but also for recreation.

The idea for this application comes from mechanical engineer Dylan Keil and former Google and Pandora employee Charlie Kubal, who wanted to make sure they were able to spend their time efficiently.

The built-in sensors on the iPhone along with location databases from Foursquare and Google help Chronos track time. What’s clever about this app is that it passively tracks your activity by merely running in your phone’s background and automatically categorising the hours you log on each activity.

Chronos enables users to view a breakdown of how and where they have spent their day and also see how this changes over a week or a month. Aside from that, app users can also connect with Facebook to compare their activities with friends.

With Chronos, you can not only track your daily activities, but you can also start making changes in how you manage your valuable time.

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