Start Debating on a New Social Networking Site

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You may think there is no room for another social networking site on the internet today.  Nevertheless, they still keep on popping up and there is another new one in town. This one stands out for being rather different to anything else out there at the moment.

The site is called and it focuses on debating various issues and questions that are brought up by the members.  If you take a fresh look at the site, you will see it is very new and has members who do not have English as their first language too.  The day we had a look there were several questions in foreign languages, although there were lots in English as well, so new members should be able to find questions to answer and debates in which they can get involved.

The idea is to ask questions and also to share your opinions on questions that have been asked by others.  You can sign up with your Facebook details so if you already have a Facebook account you will be happy that you do not have to have another login.  If you do not have access to Facebook, you can sign in with your Twitter account instead.

It is too early to say whether Dwelo will catch the imagination and become a much loved and respected site.  But it is definitely a site that is worth keeping an eye on, to see whether it stays around or vanishes into the ether.

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