Start-up pioneers self-analysing storage systems

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Paula Long, one of the three founders of storage firm EqualLogic, which was acquired by Dell for US$1.4 billion five years ago, is secretly developing a new start-up known as DataGravity.

Based in New Hampshire, the start-up has attracted Silicon Valley’s bigwigs since January 2012, when venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz invested US$30 million in the company, while General Catalyst and Charles River invested US$12 million during its launch in June 2012.

Although she has been previously mum on DataGravity, she told The Business Insider some important information about the start-up.

Explaining DataGravity’s technology and business model, she said: “It occurred to me that big data is great for companies who have lots of IT staff and programmers, but not so great for mid-sized business where they don’t have a full-time data scientist. I started to ponder what the storage array itself could tell you.”

The company is aiming to create a system wherein the storage arrays themselves can automatically tell these companies what they need to know, eliminating the need for a huge IT staff. Long explained that a normal storage disk today can only indicate its rank, name and number, as well as its brand and capacity. But the operating system (OS) that works on its data knows much more.

However, medium-sized companies don’t have the software or capability unlock this knowledge from their storage and operating systems. This is where DataGravity comes in: It aims to develop storage systems that can automatically analyse data and discover business patterns.

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