Startup wins big with app testing platform

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VM5 clinched the top prize at TechCrunch’s Beijing Startup competition for creating a platform that allows users to test an application without the need to install or even download it.

Known as AdPlay, the technology creates a virtual display of an app on both desktop and mobile browsers so users can try out an application instead of just watching a video or screenshot. Moreover, downloading a plugin is not necessary.

There is also no need for a software development kit (SDK) for each application, as the sample version will be directly streamed to a user from a cloud server. Additionally, application demos can be tweaked. For example, a user can play the advanced stages of a game and not just the starting level.

AdPlay will be rolled out in Japan and Taiwan later this year, and it will reach China by early 2015. VM5 has already partnered with local companies in the aforementioned countries, targeting one billion active users per month by the second quarter of 2015.

Moreover, the company offers valuable analytics as AdPlay monitors trials and installations. Although it has some rivals in this market segment, the software’s compatibility with 3D games is an added advantage, especially for games that require the Unity Web Player to play.

As a reward for winning the contest, VM5 will participate in the World Startup Competition in Seoul by November and Tokyo’s Global Brain Alliance Forum in December.

Other noteworthy startups at the TechCrunch event include drone maker Ehang and cloud development platform Coding, along with Roam and Wander, a maker of iOS device peripherals for children.

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