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1113 views 1 Comment is a site designed to teach correct e-mail etiquette. Such an over used technology has since been ignored; now has recognized the problems and addressed them. We all have a friend who insists on sending us FWD e-mails that contain chain letters, myths, obscene material, or stupid jokes.

It is sometimes uncomfortable to approach the friend for fear of offending them. has given us a friendly way to anonymously send them an e-mail etiquette lesson. The e-mail will simply let them know that someone has requested that they be more considerate in their selection of FWD e-mails that are being sent, this does not guarantee the offender will stop sending the FWD e-mails, which is the only downside to this site.

The website offers protection against abuse, allowing only one letter to be sent to a specific e-mail address in a 30 day period. The user friendly interface makes it very easy to navigate through the site. There are links to e-mail etiquette information, that we all could use some tips on. They even have cute apparel for everyone in the family…including baby!

I do believe this site has a real benefit to its users. The information that they provide is very useful and will give every one an insight in to the correct way to write an e-mail. The ability to send an e-mail to say, your grandmother and be completely anonymous…will ensure that you do not hurt her feelings, but you may still get the fruit cake at Christmas.

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  1. John

    March 14, 2010 at 2:58 am

    This is Just a quick note to say that we have now moved our site from to http://www.StopForwarding.Com.

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