SugarSync redesigns its app for desktop, web, mobile

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Every now and then, a new storage startup comes out and says it has better features than the existing ones, aiming to heat up whatever competition there may be. As an existing startup, Sugarsync is keen to expand and solidify its presence with recently revamped web, desktop, and mobile apps and move them into public beta.

Facing serious competition from Dropbox, Google, and Bitcasa, the new Sugarsync has to continuously improve if it wants to attract the attention of consumers. By improving three of its features, the cloud storage startup aims to give its users the assurance of a better storage experience.

The redesigned “Cloud Tab” will be more helpful to all users in seeing their entire existing synced folder. All of the folders’ content will be synced once dragged into the app. Moreover, the “Share Tab” will give all users a glimpse of the documents they have shared as well as those that were shared with them by other consumers.

Additionally, its “Activity Tab” will showcase all of the users’ Sugarsync activity. This will enable users to see all of their past and current activity at a glance.

The cloud storage startup is giving free storage to users who get their friends and family to sign up and it comes preinstalled on Lenovo and Samsung computers.

Users can now download the new applications from SugarSync. The company is offering 5GB of free storage to new users.

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