Survey finds 50% of smartphones use Android operating system

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It’s official: Androids are in the lead and will continue to lead, according to the most recent survey conducted by Com Score Mobi Lens.

The study revealed that Android is the leading operating system on smartphones with a huge market share of 50.9 per cent. Its various versions of Android operating systems used in numerous brands of handsets have grown 0.1 per cent.

Trailing at the second spot, Apple’s iOS accounted for a significant 31.9 per cent. As expected, RIM’s BlackBerry OS grabbed the third spot with 11.4 per cent share, followed by Windows Phone with four per cent. Symbian also managed to get 1.1 per cent market share.

The survey, which lasted for over three months, ended in May and involved over 30,000 mobile subscribers. Apart from the handset figures and operating systems running on a phone, Com Score Mobi Lens’ survey also looked into the other aspects of the smartphone.

Meanwhile, Samsung emerged as the leader among the handset manufacturers, claiming a market share of 25.7 per cent. The brand was followed by LG, Apple, and Motorola with 19.1 per cent, 15 per cent, and 12 per cent, respectively. HTC came in fifth with 6.1 per cent mobile subscribers.

In addition, the survey also studied the behaviour of smartphone users in terms of the use of text messaging as well as the number of applications downloaded on their phones.

Around 74.8 per cent of mobile subscribers in the US used text messaging on their smartphones while 51.1 per cent of the subscribers have downloaded applications.

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