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Bitcoin’s value continued to fall over the weekend, declining to as low as $265 apiece on Sunday, with other major cryptocurrencies following suit, according to the International Business Times.

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58% of Super Bowl ads include hashtags
Monday, 3 Feb, 2014 – 2:51 | No Comment

Although Facebook was the most-mentioned social network (in a 5-4 win over Twitter), it was hashtags that dominated the game alongside the Seahawks. In 2013, about half of the ads run during the big game …

Twitter Mobile to Get Adverts
Friday, 2 Mar, 2012 – 11:50 | One Comment

There are many ways to use Twitter, one of which is to get an app installed on your mobile phone. If you use Twitter in this way by viewing its mobile site you will soon see a difference on screen. This is down to the addition of adverts on the mobile version of the site.

LinkedIn Steps on Toes After Using Member Pictures and Names
Friday, 19 Aug, 2011 – 5:17 | No Comment

The professional networking site LinkedIn has got itself into hot water in recent days.  LinkedIn had started using on-site adverts by members to promote various brands and products.  Underneath these adverts there used to be …

Leapfish Meta Search..Again
Wednesday, 25 Feb, 2009 – 8:14 | 3 Comments
Leapfish Meta Search..Again

You might recognize Leapfish from a couple of years ago when they were doing domain name appraisals. They’ve revamped themselves and are now under the ownership of DotNext in California offering a new meta …

Digg This! Digg Is Hiring and Firing
Thursday, 22 Jan, 2009 – 15:09 | No Comment
Digg This! Digg Is Hiring and Firing

What better then to do with all the cash you recently raised a couple of months ago, then fire 10% of your staff.  That is exactly what Digg just announced they will do.  Rumors have …

SpotMixer Gets $9 Million 2nd Round & Google Tie-In
Thursday, 22 Jan, 2009 – 8:24 | No Comment
SpotMixer Gets $9 Million 2nd Round & Google Tie-In

Owned by One True Media, SpotMixer is a DIY video advertisement producer aimed towards small and home-based businesses who want a professional-looking video ad without the money or loss of control these traditionally require.
The service …

SnapAds Asks Are You Creative Enough
Sunday, 14 Dec, 2008 – 7:48 | 2 Comments
SnapAds Asks Are You Creative Enough

Marketing, especially through visual advertising, is a difficult and often unpredictable process. What worked yesterday might not work today and today’s big hit will be tomorrow’s has-been. In a way, advertising is evolution …

Point-of-Sale Advertising Offers High Tech Digital Ads
Monday, 29 Sep, 2008 – 8:08 | No Comment
Point-of-Sale Advertising Offers High Tech Digital Ads

The days of being asked “Do you want fries with that?” will soon are replaced with digital displays at the counters of McDonald’s that will up sell us products according to our purchase. If you …