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Bitcoin’s value continued to fall over the weekend, declining to as low as $265 apiece on Sunday, with other major cryptocurrencies following suit, according to the International Business Times.

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Pinterest reshaping the way we shop online
Friday, 19 Oct, 2012 – 9:22 | No Comment

There are hundreds of social networking sites today, with Facebook, Google+, and Twitter just the tip of the iceberg.

Start Debating on a New Social Networking Site
Friday, 16 Mar, 2012 – 11:03 | No Comment

You may think there is no room for another social networking site on the internet today.

Britney Becomes the Biggest Google+ User
Friday, 30 Dec, 2011 – 5:23 | No Comment

There is no doubt that the more celebrities a social media network can claim as members, the more interest people tend to pay to the network itself.  Google+ is doing as much as it can …

UmeNow – Will This New Social Network Work?
Wednesday, 7 Sep, 2011 – 5:59 | No Comment

We are all more than familiar with Facebook, and now Google+ is aiming to be just as popular in the social networking field.

Could Social Networks be Causing an Identity Crisis?
Friday, 5 Aug, 2011 – 8:51 | No Comment

According to professor of pharmacology, Baroness Greenfield, at Oxford University, they could be.  She claims that large numbers of people now look for attention whenever they go online.  She points to the millions upon millions …

MobGold – Mobile, Social Media Advertising and Analytics
Monday, 22 Mar, 2010 – 8:31 | 2 Comments
MobGold – Mobile, Social Media Advertising and Analytics

MobGold is a global player in the mobile advertising arena catering to both publishers and advertisers in the mobile Web space.  They also target social media that is access via phone (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and … Stream Music Become a DJ Tweet Your Favs
Tuesday, 19 May, 2009 – 7:33 | 4 Comments Stream Music Become a DJ Tweet Your Favs

Streaming music meets social networking at Much like Twitter, you can build a list of followers. Unlike Twitter, they can’t spam you (easily) with their latest get-rich-quick MLM scheme. Music only …

Concertattack Courts Virtual Groupies
Wednesday, 11 Mar, 2009 – 8:33 | 2 Comments
Concertattack Courts Virtual Groupies

I knew “a guy” back in the day that used to bury an old school tape recorder in the ground outside a famous amphitheater a few days before big concerts. Sometimes he threw a few …

Plinky is Twitter with Purpose. (Tweet that!)
Friday, 30 Jan, 2009 – 7:28 | 2 Comments
Plinky is Twitter with Purpose. (Tweet that!)

Twitter wants you to say whatever is on your mind. Plinky wants to start a conversation.
Sure, some people like to tell us when they’ve run out of Kleenex or just saw Carrot Top washing dishes …

TweetAnswers Answers Quick
Wednesday, 17 Dec, 2008 – 8:17 | 5 Comments
TweetAnswers Answers Quick, part of a suite of sites by Michael Jensen called LiveTwitting, was created specifically to allow people to ask questions online and receive live, on-demand answers. The site is the home of a …

Make’n Movies Is An HOV Lane To Hollywood
Tuesday, 2 Dec, 2008 – 16:28 | No Comment
Make’n Movies Is An HOV Lane To Hollywood

How many times have you watched a big-screen bomb like “Howard the Duck” or “Kangaroo Jack,” only to mutter, “I could make a better movie than that ^%%$#*”
Now a big-time producer can put his money where …

BlueSwarm Is a Hidden Branding Bug For The Masses
Tuesday, 25 Nov, 2008 – 7:13 | 3 Comments
BlueSwarm Is a Hidden Branding Bug For The Masses

If Nixon was president today, Watergate probably wouldn’t happen. You don’t need to send goons to break into a hotel when you can probably find campaign strategy details and dirt in some bitter senate page’s …