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Bitcoin’s value continued to fall over the weekend, declining to as low as $265 apiece on Sunday, with other major cryptocurrencies following suit, according to the International Business Times.

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Zuujit – A Social Marketplace for Making Online Sales
Friday, 19 Aug, 2011 – 5:17 | One Comment

If you want to sell anything online nowadays it can take a while – not to mention the existence of a few hoops to jump through – to make it happen.  But now there is …

Simply Cast Provides Multi Channel Marketing for Modern Businesses
Thursday, 26 May, 2011 – 7:51 | One Comment

Today’s businesses need to have a multi faceted way to promote themselves and ensure they can reach the widest possible audience.  This normally means using the services of several other companies to achieve every promotional …

MailBlaze – A Site That Gives You Free Email Marketing
Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2011 – 10:27 | 2 Comments

Email marketing is an essential way of connecting with the customers and clients you bring into your social media sales funnel.  If you can offer them a freebie in exchange for a place on your …

StoryMarket – Now Writers and Publishers Can Syndicate Their Content More Easily
Wednesday, 2 Mar, 2011 – 9:51 | 3 Comments

There are several online marketplaces where writers, bloggers and people in similar areas can publish and sell their work for a return. But now a new marketplace has appeared called StoryMarket, and it is run …

ReadMain – Learn How to Speed Read and Share the Content You Find Too
Wednesday, 2 Feb, 2011 – 9:31 | No Comment

This is an interesting site and it could catch on fast if enough people get the hang of it. We all know what speed reading is – it allows you to read more quickly than … – Make it Easier for Your Customers to Promote Your Goods
Thursday, 27 Jan, 2011 – 7:51 | No Comment

With the power that social media marketing provides for us in today’s age, it makes sense that all online businesses should do everything they can to bring this aspect of the web to the table.
This …

Jelly – One Way for Homeworkers to Get Together in a Creative Space
Thursday, 27 Jan, 2011 – 7:47 | 2 Comments

A key downside to working from home is the isolation it imposes on you. This suits some people very well, but for others it can be all too isolating.
Luckily a couple of New Yorkers found …

SocialGo – New Investment Sees More Potential For Companies With Social Media
Friday, 14 Jan, 2011 – 7:02 | One Comment

Many webmasters will have heard about SocialGO by now. It is a relatively new social media site with a difference, and it is helping lots of people develop a brand and identity online through social …

EWorkingWomen – A Site for Female Freelancers
Friday, 7 Jan, 2011 – 11:55 | No Comment

There seems to be a growing trend of women working online in various positions, all of them freelance related. More and more women are finding it convenient to work in this way, perhaps because it …

Solo Marketing – Linking You Up With Local Professionals
Tuesday, 10 Aug, 2010 – 9:45 | One Comment
Solo Marketing – Linking You Up With Local Professionals

It is becoming more and more commonplace to outsource certain tasks to other professionals online.  Writers, web designers and editors often freelance in this way, sourcing jobs and working for clients all over the world.
But …

Signature Confirm – A New Website Offering Faster Signing Of Contracts
Wednesday, 16 Jun, 2010 – 7:14 | No Comment
Signature Confirm – A New Website Offering Faster Signing Of Contracts

Anyone who works online and has the need to sign a contract (or requires one to be signed by someone else) before work can commence on a particular project, will often find it difficult to …

Swipely – The Social Shopping Site
Wednesday, 26 May, 2010 – 10:16 | No Comment

Swipely, which is still in beta stage, is a new social startup that promises to make shopping a more entertaining necessity. As they state on their website, Swipely’s vision is “to reinvent how people shop, …