Tech bigwigs unite for e-commerce data standard

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Some of the world’s biggest e-commerce operators and tech firms have worked together to create a standard that will be used to manage website data, with a focus on e-commerce data.

According to reports, more than 24 industry bigwigs collaborated for the project, including Adobe, Google, IBM, Qubit and Best Buy. While the draft was submitted in May, the parties are hoping to sign off during the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in September.

The “Customer Experience Digital Data Acquisition” standard has been developed through W3C’s Community and Business Groups initiative.

The proposed standard will lead to easier e-commerce operations, with a comprehensive list of specifications including product category, the product’s price and currency, voucher discounts, as well as information on payment and shipping.

The standard will help simplify data transmission. Those who plan to set up online shops for the first time will also benefit from this because it will reduce the amount of work required to develop the site.

“It could benefit any kind of website that needs to collect structured data, though e-commerce is the industry that will benefit most from it. There is so much more commercial structured data on the e-commerce side, such as weight of item, colour of item and so on,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of London-based data analytics firm Qubit.

He also commented that the support and participation of many companies helped give life to this standard website data structure that will be a key towards innovation.

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