Testimonial Monkey – An Easy Way to Obtain Testimonials for Your Site

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Most online sellers recognise the importance of getting strong testimonials for their products. The more positive testimonials you can receive, the easier it will be to continue making sales for that product.

Now there is a new website that helps you obtain the testimonials you need, by using a strong and well thought out system to do it. It is called Testimonial Monkey, and the website has lots of useful information to help you decide whether the system will work for you.

The website shows you a six-step process for getting the testimonials. Your customers are asked for testimonials and once they have given them they can be displayed on your website and social media pages. You will also be able to display them on your own unique page at Testimonial Monkey. You can also respond to the comments made by customers, so the process is an interactive two way one that should help to make it more successful and useful for both parties.

The pricing has five separate plans, so there is something here for everyone. The cheapest plan works out at £29 per month, but this has limited functionality and services. The most expensive is designed for enterprises at £499 per month. No matter which plan you prefer, the site gives you access to a 30-day free trial too.

It is too early to see whether Testimonial Monkey will catch on in a big way, but the idea is certainly a good one.

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