The best mobile phones for business

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Though the world once thought the term, business phone, referred to the landline found in the actual office, today it is commonly regarded as being the mobile phone used by a business person that is on the move.  Traditionally, the Blackberry mobile phone was the frontrunner with business users, but with so many different smartphones now out there capable of so many different functions, there might be a better solution.  So, what is the best mobile phone for business use today?

Because there are so many different mobile phone options available, it can be a tough decision choosing one that meets a person’s every business need.  Is there a mobile phone that suits a particular style of work better than another?  The best mobile phone for business use ultimately comes down to a combination of personal preference and how the device will be used.

When selecting a mobile phone for use when working, users must consider a number of factors beyond the aesthetic of the device.  For example, does the phone allow for the use of free sims?  Does the user prefer touchscreen typing or a physical keyboard?  Battery life, screen size, and connectivity are also major concerns.  In an effort to help narrow the options, here is a look at five very popular mobile phones used for business purposes.

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

Though the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G is not the latest model on the market, it is one of the better Samsung mobile phones for business users.  It offers a solid performance and excellent battery life, an 8-megapixel camera and top-notch 4G speeds when in coverage areas.  However, the fast processor and good connectivity don’t make up for the lower-resolution display or the thick and heavy feel it has in the hand.  It is an excellent business tool, but there might be a better option out there.

Apple iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 4S is the smartphone everyone wants, but is it good for business users?  The iPhone 4S comes complete with a personal assistant – Siri – that allows users to simply speak to the phone in order to send texts, write an email, look up information online, or set alarms.  This beautifully designed mobile phone is aesthetically pleasing and has an unlimited number of applications available.  The new operating system allows for efficient notifications, easy emailing, and clear video conferencing.  However, the iPhone still has battery life issues that some business users may find alarming.

Motorola Atrix

One of the hottest mobile devices chasing the iPhone and iPad this year may very well be the Motorola Atrix.  The dual-core processor allows the Atrix to run extremely quickly and it can perform a number of operations simultaneously. For many business users, the Atrix is a crossover between a mobile device and a computer, making it virtually a mobile office – and it can plug right into the lap dock accessory on most computers.  The super-thin, light design with a long battery life is appealing to users who are always on the move.

Blackberry Torch

The Blackberry has been the frontrunner in mobile devices for business users for years, so it makes perfect sense that the Blackberry Torch made this list.  The Torch offers a slide-out keyboard as well as a touchscreen, allowing users the genuine Blackberry experience with some added perks.  Designed for functionality, the number of business-related apps is strong, though there isn’t much for personal entertainment.  The long battery life and ease of use make up for it.

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