The future of mobile is tangible holograms, says Google

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Tiny LCD screens are set to become a thing of the past. A future where the screens of mobile devices will be projected around us through virtual reality is not too far off, according to Google’s Director of Android User Experience Matias Duarte.

Duarte revealed in an interview with CNN at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that tangibility and gesturing are the next key steps in mobile technology.

“Computers have to work the way people expect and not the other way round. I want everything you can touch on the screen to operate like objects in the real world do. That doesn’t mean they have to look like copies of objects in the real world, but they have to be tangible and physical and delightful,”

Duarte also noted that utilizing a smartphone is an emotional experience. He said that future mobile devices are expected to be able to read the gestures of a user’s arms, fingers, facial expressions and even the entire body. On top of that, the displays will be projected in the air or on any surface.

The search giant will never restrict the client’s ability to customise the Android OS on their mobile devices, pledged Duarte, adding that one of the key challenges to the operating system is creating a platform for communities.

Moving forward, the Google director said that the company will continue to develop products very seriously as their gifts to the world, with the goal of helping people to stay connected.

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