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Searching for new applications for your iPhone? These three apps: Caveface, Ski Safari, Frankenword, could well be what you’re looking for.

Developed by Philip DeFranco of YouTube fame, today’s leading photo app Caveface enables users to transform photos of their Facebook friends into hilarious images of cave people. The app stretches the faces in the photo, making them look like neanderthals and creating funny images that can then be share with users’ Facebook buddies and Twitter followers.

The app lets you take photos from the camera, snap a new one, or get photos from Facebook, and then alter them as you choose.

The updated Ski Safari is another new app to be enjoyed. Players ski down snowy hills and perform stunts such as jumping on yetis, penguins, and snowmobiles to keep their speed up while grabbing coins. The new Howling Hills area features 30 new challenges as well as the addition of a wolf that players can ride

Meanwhile, Frankenword is the ideal app for word puzzle fanatics. The idea of the game is to make a new word out of two combined single words. A pair of words is given as well as a group of letters that players can use to solve the puzzle.

Developers of Frankenword report that the game currently has more than 600 puzzles with more to come.

A series of hints is also provided to help players who are stuck on a particular puzzle. Players can earn the hints by sharing solutions of their own to the puzzles on Facebook and Twitter.

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