Three Cool New Business Ideas From Iddictive

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Back in February we featured, a new website that showcases innovative new business ideas from around the globe. We spoke with the site’s founder Mark Nagurski afterward and he’s agreed to give us a regular run down of the best new ideas featured on the site. So over to Mark …picture-16

We feature a pretty diverse range of ideas on Iddictive, which means it’s never an easy job to pick out the best of the bunch. So, after carefully considering what each idea represents in the wider economic climate and socioeconomic landscape, I decided to ignore all that and pick a few that I thought were cool.

Music Tees with a Conscience: Identitee sell t-shirts featuring anthemic lyrics from popular songs. Each lyric starts with “I” or “I’m” – like “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” from U2 or “I’m a hustler baby” from Jay-Z. What makes this idea really stand out is how they have partnered with other businesses to give Identitee a bit of an edge. The t-shirts are provided by Edun Live (an ethical t-shirt manufacturer started by Ali Hewson and U2’s Bono), they’re sold online and through the Hard Rock Café chain, and every time you buy one you also get 10 free songs from iTunes. (Full article) Frustrated with the studio system but keen to get his movie made, up and coming director Casey Walker decided to bring in a new producer – the public. Anyone can visit the site and become a producer (and have a say in things like casting) by buying one or more frames of the movie (at CAN $10 each). Well over 10,000 would-be movie moguls have since invested including some famous faces like super-cool film producer Kevin Smith. (Full article)

Granny Sourced Knitwear: Normally when you buy something you’ll have very little idea where it came from. French company Golden Hook is trying to change that with their innovative take on a cottage industry. Via their website you can design your own knitted hat selecting from a range of styles, colors and patterns. Once you’re finished you can then choose a real live Grandmother to knit if for you. Each Granny has a profile on the site and they’ll even sign it for you if you like. (Full article)

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