Top five travel apps to get your holiday started

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As the family of fabulous features and amazing apps available for the smartphone continues to grow, it has become everyone’s new, and somewhat indispensable best friend. Should it be left behind when going on vacation? Most definitely not it seems, as despite the worry that a complete escape from work will never be possible if you have your smartphone with you, it appears that innovative apps can help people make the most of their time off. These five examples show how it’s done:

Planning the trip

Those individuals that have decided where to go on vacation but need to find a flight will definitely benefit from Skyscanner, an excellent free app that looks at, and compares, millions of flights from more than 1,000 airlines around the world. The whole comparison exercise takes only seconds and produces the best results for potential flights that can save the smartphone user time and money.

Where to stay?

Searching for, selecting and booking accommodation in advance is simple with Expedia Hotels, a free app that gives users access to more than 140,000 hotels worldwide. Whether looking for luxury suites in a resort or cheap hotels in a number of different locations, this app can handle immediate bookings for the same night or planned trips for weeks ahead, and users can access a great selection of hotel reviews to help them make their choice.

Get organized

When the details of how to get there and where to stay are sorted out, many vacationers use TripIt to get all those travel plans into one place so that a single itinerary can be produced that covers every single eventuality. By forwarding all confirmation emails to the TripIt app a travel plan is generated and this can be accessed online at any point and from any compatible device, including a smartphone of any type or a computer.

What to do?

When travelers want to know where to go on an unexpectedly wet Wednesday, or any other day of their vacation week, AroundMe, which uses the Apple iOS system, allows users to search for local information anywhere in the world. Available in a range of languages across the globe, AroundMe is the most used application for local searches and can help locate restaurants, bars, gas stations, shops and movies nearby. It’s indispensable for filling any awkward gaps in a planned trip.

What to say?

If stuck for words on a vacation in foreign parts, use Google Translate, the free app for both iPhone/iPad and Android, to stay out of trouble. Speaking or typing a phrase results in options for translation in up to 58 languages via text or 23 via converted spoken phrases. Often, getting the phraseology right can make a big difference to how visitors are perceived and received.

When on vacation, don’t forget the ‘everyday’ apps, such as Skype, that help you to keep in touch with home, or those wonderful games apps, such as Angry Birds, that help to while away the time in airports or when waiting for transportation. On balance, it has to be said that taking a smartphone on vacation is… smart.

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