TV remains the most popular type of media among children

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A study on children and screen time showed that mobile devices have become increasingly popular among children, but they are still not as popular as television.

A study released by Common Sense Media on Monday showed that 38 per cent of children younger than two years of age have used a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

The use of mobile devices is skyrocketing. 75 per cent of households with children now own some form of mobile device, and 72 per cent of children have used such a device. This leaves parents with only a three per cent possibility that they can own a tablet or smartphone and yet keep their toddler from getting hold of it.

On the other hand, two thirds of children younger than two have watched TV, and it remains the most popular type of media among children. Overall, 58 per cent of children turn to TV for entertainment once a day, compared to 17 per cent of children who use a mobile device.

Meanwhile, the study also found that the digital divide, which is the phenomenon in which rich families enjoy better access to the internet than poorer families, has been shrinking, primarily due to the influx of mobile devices.

However, there is still a huge difference in the ways that poor and rich kids consume media. Time spent watching TV drops as income and educational levels increase. Thus, rich kids spend less time watching TV in part because their parents can afford to buy devices where they can download educational apps.

The study also highlighted that the amount of time spent by children in front of screens fell 21 minutes during the last two years, while the time spent by parents reading to their children remained unchanged.

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