Twitter unveils mute button

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Twitter officially launched the widely rumoured mute button on Monday. This feature will enable users to silence boring and overactive tweeters, especially during events and television shows that they want to enjoy without interruptions.

“Today we’re beginning to introduce a new feature called mute to people who use our iPhone and Android apps and,” said the microblogging site.

“Mute gives you even more control over the content you see on Twitter by letting you remove a user’s content from key parts of your Twitter experience,” it added.

Upon activating this feature, a muted user’s tweets and retweets will disappear from your timeline. Push or SMS notifications from that particular user will also cease. Unlike a complete block, direct messages (DMs) will still appear.

Although you may cancel this feature at any time, muted users won’t know you have muted them in order to avoid awkward situations.

Twitter began rolling out the mute button across iOS and Android devices that use the official application on Monday, but the feature was only available for some users.

Meanwhile, the social media site plans to unveil a whisper mode so that users can easily transition their public group discussion into a private one, said its Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo.

“There are frequently public conversations that you would like to grab hold of and take into whisper mode,” he said. So far, private messages are only possible via DMs, which are one-on-one conversations.

Furthermore, the CEO revealed that Twitter is testing more than 100 new features in each of its latest iOS or Android applications.

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