Twitter, Yahoo unveil new app for iOS 7

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Twitter released an updated mobile app for the iPhone and the iPad right after Apple unveiled its new iOS 7.

The update offers a redesigned interface that involves the addition of new features rather than a fully revamped aesthetic like some of the refreshed apps in iOS 7.

For Twitter users, the biggest news is the integration of iTunes search, which allows them to discover the trending music on Twitter’s iTunes Radio music station by merely using #music.

Moreover, Siri can now be used to search the information stream of Twitter, instantly receiving answers to queries. The new feature can also surface tweets about certain persons and topics.

Known as version 5.11, Twitter’s latest version is backwards compatible with both iOS 6 and iOS 5.

Meanwhile, Yahoo also released its latest news app on the same day that Apple unveiled iOS 7 to the public.

Carrying the new Yahoo logo, the app offers a simple and clean interface that has been specifically designed for practicality and speed while blending seamlessly with the new iOS 7 interface.

Optimised for iOS 7, the app boasts a new display for slideshows as well as the ability to save articles and receive news notifications.

Additionally, the updated news app carries the familiar design of Yahoo’s new weather app with a number of background images featured in breaking news in cinemagraphs.

Yahoo’s news app is compatible with iOS 6 as well as iOS 7, and much like Twitter’s updated mobile app, it is also offered for free in Apple’s app store.

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