UmeNow – Will This New Social Network Work?

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We are all more than familiar with Facebook, and now Google+ is aiming to be just as popular in the social networking field.  But there is yet another kid on the block now, aiming to grab its fair share – and then some – of the social media limelight.  This is UmeNow, and it has got underway by throwing a huge challenge down in front of Facebook.

UmeNow believes it has the power to destroy Facebook completely.  The site was the brainchild of a single mum who has disagreed with the privacy issues surrounding Facebook in recent times.  The new website aims to be user friendly and able to focus on the issue of privacy first and foremost.  A recent report also states that it does not view Google+ as being any kind of serious competitor at all.

These are brave words from a brand new intruder on the social media field.  They are clearly playing the privacy angle, but judging by the opinions of some regarding issues of privacy on Facebook, they are probably right to do so.  They will no doubt benefit from being so confrontational with regard to the other social media sites too. They are obviously quite happy to get headlines in this sense.

The only doubt is whether UmeNow has what it takes to go viral and become a huge success.  In times where the worry over online privacy is quite prevalent, it could be just what this new site really needs to succeed.

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