Web hosting and domain company GoDaddy opens branch in Australia

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This week, one of the biggest web hosting companies and domain registrars in the world officially launched in Australia.

Since beginning a local operation in Australia in 2012, GoDaddy has been exploring ways to better serve that geographical area. It now appears that they believe a dedicated team is the way forward. With more than 2 million small businesses, the Australian market is a big one and there is plenty of potential. James Carroll, head of international business and development for GoDaddy, has not confirmed the actual number of Australian signed up, but Go Daddy has around 13 million customers across 42 markets globally.

Australians seem to have taken to the GoDaddy product, according to Carroll. Australian companies were using the US version of GoDaddy’s platform even before they developed the Australian site to support Australian payments and domain names. Some companies were even using US dollars to smooth the process. Despite not having the actual Australian usage to hand, it seems to be a safe assumption that GoDaddy is happy enough with demand to open a branch on the other side of the world.

GoDaddy intends to innovate the platform by offering localised solutions. Hyper-local domain names like “.sydney”, “.melbourne”, and others are to be immediately rolled out along with other Australia-orientated products, services, and pricing. However, tech support over the phone will remain in Phoenix, Arizona, for the time being.

Carroll is confident that by offering a platform for companies to develop their own brand identity rather than solely using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, GoDaddy’s potential market will see the benefits.

However, Australia shouldn’t expect to see a repeat of the company’s provocative Super Bowl-style advertising. Carroll stated: “Those commercials were at a point in time. Now there’s been a major shift inside the company … we’re all about helping small businesses.”

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