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Tired of thumbing through thick books of alphabetized names, looking at disorganized websites full of suggestions, or listening to questionable ideas from relatives about what to name your baby? Frustrated enough to resort to visiting the hospital just so you can read the names on people’s casts for ideas?

Well, it could be WhataLovelyName.com to the rescue. The site, created by Jackson Fish Market (brainchild of a team of ex-Microsoft developers), has traits (such as strength, beauty, intelligence, etc.) listed that the user chooses from. As choices are made, the number of available baby names that match the chosen criterion are narrowed down, eventually ending in a manageable list.

Obviously, not every name on the list will fit your style, but chances are that after a few minutes on this site, you’ll have a name for your baby—whether it’s human, canine, or another species. If you want to be trendy, you can always just go straight to their list of celebrity baby names as well.

The site focuses on baby naming and is free to use and, above all, is very unique. It doesn’t feature the clutter of most “Spock-wannabe” baby sites either. In fact, the name is the most cumbersome thing about it.

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