Why are kids more tech-savvy than their parents?

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In the past, kids wanted to emulate and learn from their parents. Now, as technology becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives, it turns out that some kids actually know more than their parents when it comes to computers and gadgets.

A study by Angiolotty, a one-stop baby and children boutique, revealed a few reasons why kids are more tech-savvy than their parents. First, six-month-old toddlers are already using electronic devices such as a special potty-training toilet. More than half of children aged five to eight have utilised tablets as educational devices.

A huge 72 per cent of kids under five years old also spend at least 30 minutes online every day. Hence, it’s not surprising that many of them know how to use a smartphone or play a PC game rather than ride a bike, swim or tie their shoelaces. Meanwhile, the typical teen likely owns 3.5 gadgets on average — a smartphone, a tablet, and maybe even am MP3 player, e-reader or portable gaming device.

Interestingly, 61 per cent of the teenagers polled said they couldn’t live without texting, half can’t survive for more than one week without their smartphone, and 36 per cent check their phone every 10 minutes.

The smartphone is indeed ubiquitous as 52 per cent of the respondents use their phone regardless of their location. In particular, 37 per cent of teenagers utilised their device while on the toilet.

Not surprisingly, Facebook was very popular among teenagers as 82 per cent of respondents aged 16 to 18 use the social media site every day. Notably, they have twice as many friends than people aged 30 to 40 and posts updates three times more than people aged 40 to 50.

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