Will Blackberry 10 bring back RIM’s glory?

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In an epic story of falling and rising again, Research in Motion (RIM) is set to unveil the Blackberry 10 Smartphone on 30 January 2013, with hopes of bringing back the glory that used to be synonymous with the company’s name.

In its announcement, RIM highlighted three features of the latest Blackberry 10 that the company is confident will set it apart from other smartphones. First is the user interface (UI) called Blackberry Flow with transparent navigation across all open apps and the Blackberry Hub designed as a storage centre for messages, feeds and notifications as well as calendar events.

Second, Blackberry 10’s keyboard boasts a feature that adapts to the typing style of the user to allow faster typing by learning the habits and patterns of texting. However, RIM did not disclose any information about whether Blackberry 10’s keyboard will include a physical keyboard or an onscreen version only.

Last, but not least, is the Blackberry Balance feature, which splits up business usage from personal usage with the business profile being encrypted for security. RIM said switching profiles is as easy as a click.

RIM is currently working with app developers on the SDK update for Blackberry 10, which will include bug fixes along with a new version of the BlackBerry WebWorks HTML5 tools set to enhance HTML5 apps.

With the fierce competition in the smartphone market, RIM hopes that Blackberry 10 will revive the dominance of the company in the mobile manufacturing business.

Will the market give it a chance to regain power or will Blackberry face defeat?

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