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Professionals who work online or whose clients are far-flung have several options for invoicing. From simple PayPal invoices to more robust and complex offline tools like Quicken, every business has a different way of doing things. For the small business or individual freelancer or professional, however, there isn’t a lot to choose from.

Large solutions will go largely unused by the small outfit that purchases them and the smaller, simpler solutions are usually too small or too simple. Winkbill hopes to fill that gap.

With a powerful, but easy-to-use interface and with plenty of options to pacify even the most exacting accountant, has great potential. Being completely Web-based, it can be accessed from any Internet connection, so even those on the road will not be bound to their office or a single computer.

Invoices and client lists can be quickly created through the dashboard and unpaid or recently-paid invoices can be tracked there as well. Filtering options allow for easy invoice listing, such as by client, date, overdue length, and so forth. Reminders and other tools are an easy click and recurring invoices are quickly created and automatically billed.

Clients can pay online through the site’s invoice links using PayPal. If your PayPal is a Business account, you can accept credit cards as well, of course. Invoices paid through the site are automatically marked as paid and invoices, receipts, etc. can all be branded with your logo and customized with your information.

The site is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. Pricing starts at free (for 3 invoices/month) with only a few restrictions (no PDFs, no API), but go up to 5,000 invoices/month with full functionality at only $39.95, so it’s not priced out of the ballpark for most freelancers or serious professionals. Data can be exported at any time from any of the accounts available, so you can keep your own copies as backups.

Winkbill is something that most professionals online, whether freelancing or contracting, should consider. There are plenty of options and the price is about right.

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