Women often lie on social media, says study

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Women are more likely than men to lie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, according to a study conducted by Sydney-based advertising agency The Works.

The research, which sampled around 500,000 posts and determined their veracity using an algorithm, found that 64 per cent of females regularly make deceptive statements on these websites. Meanwhile, just 36 per cent of men do the same.

Although the study shows that women have a greater tendency to be dishonest, their main motivation is to make people feel good. Males, on the other hand, tend to embellish their posts to boost their image.

Interestingly, the top three lies women tell are: “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine”; “Oh, this isn’t new, I’ve had it for ages”; and “It wasn’t that expensive”. For men, the most frequent fibs are: “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine”; “This will be my last drink”; and “No, your bum doesn’t look big in that”.

The top five groups of liars on social media are women from New York, Perth, Manchester, Cardiff, and Edinburgh. Men from Brisbane bagged the sixth spot, followed by women from Adelaide, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. Men from Los Angeles round out the list.

“On social media, people inhabit a slightly different personality where everything in their world seems to be great – their friends are great and the food they [eat] is great – and we felt we needed to investigate this,” said Douglas Nicol, a creative partner at the agency.

“The outcome of this so far has confirmed our hunch that people on social media are in fact living in a slightly different world,” he added.

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