Y Combinator’s Healthy Labs startup, the website for chronic illness patients

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Over the years, websites specialising in certain topics have steadily gained popularity. However, when it comes to medical conditions, searching for tips and treatments for a certain illness is not so easy.

For a long time, web forums and answers websites that seem outdated were the only choices for people hoping to find answers related to their medical conditions.

To address that issue, Healthy Labs was unveiled to help individuals with chronic medical problems. Founded by Will Cole and Sean Ahrens, this new startup made its debut in August with the release of the social network called Crohnology.

Crohnology is a social network for individuals going through colitis and Crohn’s Disease. These two illnesses affect five million people globally and are very serious problems as their effects are wide-ranging and treatment varies from person to person.

However, with the help of online networks, particularly Healthy Labs, people can discover possible treatments for their conditions.

Healthy Labs ensures that people joining the Crohnology network have officially been diagnosed with the disease to keep the network centered on people who are truly experiencing chronic diseases.

Through certain analytics tools, people who are members of the Crohnology network can privately monitor their progress and their responses to treatments.

Currently, Crohnology is the only network run by Healthy Labs. Its membership has reached 1,400 since it was launched, reflecting a strong interest from the public.

Healthy Labs is looking forward to their next program, which focuses on auto-immune conditions like Cystic Fibrosis and Multiple Sclerosis.

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