Zappos, Chicisimo team up for new social fashion microsite

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Banking on the growing market for online fashionistas, Amazon-owned Zappos has collaborated with Chicisimo, a social media site particularly created for fashion-savvy netizens, to launch a new website for social commerce.

With Chicisimo, users can post photos of their recent looks and vote for others’ styles. On top of that, they can buy the looks they want for themselves.

The recent pairing is expected to encourage more fashionistas to come out and share their pictures, which can inspire others to become more fashionable.

The site allows users to upload and post their pictures showing fashion items from the brands that are available on Zappos. Then, other users can vote for the styles they love or are inspired by. They will then receive product recommendations from the brands they voted for based on the styles they love most. Additionally, the most popular looks also get a badge and one lucky winner will pocket a gift certificate.

Graham Kahr, Social Commerce Product Manager at Zappos, said the company is excited to collaborate with start-ups, particularly Chicisimo, which create active communities as well as push people to express their personal style.

The pairing will lead to plenty of opportunities for both Chicisimo and Zappos, which has been exhausting efforts to introduce new innovations into the market. Zappos has now found a new fertile investment ground where it can shine in social fashion, banking on the current popularity of sites such as Pinterest and Polyvore.

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