ZTE unveils smartphone powered by Intel

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Chinese smartphone maker ZTE’s collaboration with the world’s biggest chip maker Intel has led to the creation of a new product, according to media reports.

At a recently held event in Beijing, the companies launched the first smartphone powered by Intel’s latest 32 nm Atom Z2580 chip called the CloverTrail+.

Thanks to its two-GHz chip, the ZTE Geek smartphone is “twice as fast for computing and three times as fast for graphics.” On top of that, the handset has lower power consumption compared to the previous Atom chip.

ZTE hasn’t yet released the phone’s detailed information like prices, availability dates and where it will be sold. However, the Geek smartphone is expected to be sold in major markets such as Asia, Europe and Australia based on the fact that its predecessors sold well in those regions.

Notable features include one gigabyte of random access memory (RAM), eight GB of internal storage, a five-inch 1280×720 display and an Android Jelly Bean operating system.

Apart from wireless charging, it also comes with a one-megapixel and eight-megapixel camera. The rear camera is fitted with an LED flash.

Partners such as ZTE are very essential to Intel if it intends to become a key player in the global smartphone market. Most of the leading phone makers such as Nokia, HTC, Apple and Samsung have opted to use chips designed by ARM.

Intel is also expected to greatly benefit from the partnership as ZTE has a huge presence in China.

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