Zuujit – A Social Marketplace for Making Online Sales

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If you want to sell anything online nowadays it can take a while – not to mention the existence of a few hoops to jump through – to make it happen.  But now there is a new website around that aims to make it easy to sell things in a much shorter period of time.  According to the strapline on Zuujit, you can “list anything in seconds”.

There is a short and easy to follow video that shows you how you can put an item up for sale on the social marketplace.  You simply click on the link, fill in your information, add a picture and that’s it.  The video runs for just under two minutes so you can see how easy this is.

One good feature of the site is that when you click on any item, it automatically expands it on the page you are on.  You will also see a number of sharing buttons related to the most popular social media sites near the top of the box you have just opened.  These are for Facebook, Twitter and Google+1.  This means it is easy to share what you find on the social media sites.

The site is keen to point out that there are no charges for using it.  While it is still in beta mode and clearly building an audience, the social media side of things should expand the audience very quickly indeed.  It is also a good way to promote your items.

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